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Founded in 2008 by Canadian twin brothers Dean and Dan Caten from Willodale Ontario, DSquared2 has received International recognition in a relatively short amount of time. The intelligent mix of irreverent Canadian wit and refined Italian tailoring, together with attention to detail are the foundation of today's Dsquared2 philosophy, which has given life to a unique concept of alternative luxury. Recently, Dsquared2 collections have conquered a wider audience and, owing to their natural stylistic maturity, have become more chic and sophisticated while maintaining those sexy and provocative traits so embedded in their creative roots. This evolution is also due to the continuous international inspiration received by Dean and Dan, who, while dividing their life and work between Milan and London, create their collections in Italy: 'Born in Canada, living in London, made in Italy'.

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  • $560.00 $372.99

    34% DISCOUNT!

    Dsquared2 Slim Fade Out Jeans

  • $785.00 $313.99

    61% DISCOUNT!

    Dsquared2 V Neck Wool Sweater

  • $825.00

    Dsquared2 Colourblock Knit Hoodie Grey

  • $1095.00

    Dsquared2 Floral Embroidered Tartan Shirt Black

  • $855.00

    Dsquared2 Distressed Shirt With Mirror Detailing

  • $785.00

    Dsquared2 Logo Plaque Classic Shirt Black

  • $1295.00

    Dsquared2 Floral Print Blouse Yellow

  • $1660.00

    Dsquared2 Ruffled V Neck Blouse White

  • $1660.00

    Dsquared2 Ruffle Trimmed Blouse Black

  • $855.00

    Dsquared2 Logo Strap Crossbody Bag Black

  • $965.00

    Dsquared2 Fringe Trim Crossbody Bag Black

  • $1285.00

    Dsquared2 Plaid Shirt With Contrasting Patches

  • $955.00

    Dsquared2 Floral Embroidered Tartan Shirt Blue

  • $1270.00

    Dsquared2 Ski Print Hoodie Black

  • $1330.00

    Dsquared2 Classic Cowboy Shirt Grey

  • $1220.00

    Dsquared2 Patchwork Denim Shirt Blue

  • $1825.00

    Dsquared2 Wool Hooded Coat Black

  • $1090.00

    Dsquared2 Cropped Skinny Jeans Blue

  • $1185.00

    Dsquared2 Mid Rise Regular Jeans Blue

  • $2685.00

    Dsquared2 Shell Puffer Coat Black

  • $1775.00

    Dsquared2 Floral And Cow Print Bib Shirt Neutrals

  • $1390.00

    Dsquared2 Top Zipped Holldall Bag Black

  • $420.00

    Dsquared2 Bandana Keyring Blue Keychain

  • $475.00

    Dsquared2 Bandanna Print Short Sleeve Sweatshirt

  • $475.00

    Dsquared2 Logo Printed Sweatshirt Green

  • $475.00

    Dsquared2 Logo Printed Sweatshirt Pink Purple

  • $435.00

    Dsquared2 Printed Sweatshirt Blue

  • $635.00

    Dsquared2 Arrow Embellished Jumper Blue

  • $995.00

    Dsquared2 Ski Logo Sweater Black

  • $380.00

    Dsquared2 Buffalo Bros Jumper Black

  • $1040.00

    Dsquared2 Ski Pants Black

  • $490.00

    Dsquared2 Bandana Print Sweatshirt Black

  • $435.00

    Dsquared2 Cowboy Print Sweatshirt Pink

  • $940.00

    Dsquared2 Logo Backpack Green

  • $940.00

    Dsquared2 Logo Backpack Black

  • $910.00

    Dsquared2 Round Top Backpack Black

  • $825.00

    Dsquared2 Logo Patch Backpack Black

  • $870.00

    Dsquared2 Rough Rider Print Hoodie Grey

  • $995.00

    Dsquared2 Printed Denim Blouse Blue

  • $490.00

    Dsquared2 Bandanna Logo Printed Sweatshirt Blue

  • $920.00

    Dsquared2 Two Tone Sweatshirt Blue

  • $1285.00

    Dsquared2 Checked Button Down Shirt Blue

  • $590.00

    Dsquared2 Classic Cardigan Blue

  • $1850.00

    Dsquared2 Pony Western Shirt Neutrals

  • $280.00

    Dsquared2 Logo T Shirt White

  • $435.00

    Dsquared2 Crew Neck Logo T Shirt Grey

  • $475.00

    Dsquared2 Paisley Print T Shirt Black

  • $435.00

    Dsquared2 Front Logo T Shirt Blue

  • $295.00

    Dsquared2 Graphic Print T Shirt White

  • $295.00

    Dsquared2 Texass T Shirt Blue